Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Plushies Up for Adoption

These plushies are still in good condition after all these years, just a little dusty. They need a new and loving home.

Please e-mail me at visualkei_star [at] yahoo [dot] com if you are interested.

I've had this plush since the Disney movie came out years ago. He's a little dusty but still in great condition!
Price is negotiable but I am placing $5 plus S&H

I got these little guys from a cereal box. Bert is still in good condition but Herry Monster is missing his tag.
$1 for the "set" plus S&H

Another cereal box buddy! Trix the Rabbit! I don't remember if he came with a tag or not but still in good condition.
Price is negotiable but I am placing $2 plus S&H

Not a plushie but I got this coin purse when I was a kid. In new condition.
Price is negotiable but I am placing $2 plus S&H

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Giving away

Item no longer in stock!!
Thank you for giving my mask a new home!

I have this face mask that I had gotten awhile back but never used (except for taking the picture as shown). Not sure what the symbol means, so don't ask.

I am giving this mask away for FREE!!!

Within the US shipping only

Sorry for the crummy pictures. My webcam is lame : /

Saturday, February 18, 2012


I will be moving away soon so I want to try to clean out my closet of junk. The stuff I listed on Nov 16, 2011 are still up for sale. I will be going through more of my stuff next week, so look for that!

Also, I know my last post I was all like fuck tumblr....well -_-; I decided to get one after so long of pondering

My tumblr ↓↓↓

Stuff still for sale ↓↓↓

Monday, November 21, 2011

To tumblr or not to tumblr

So I've been contemplating whether I should give into the trends and get a tumblr or not, so I decided to do a little bit of googling to see if it'd be worth it. Basically each blog I read said it's not really worth it and it basically encourages plagiarism. Then I thought to myself, "What would I do with it anyways?" I already do have a twitter which I rarely use because of the annoying text cap limit. I do have a blogger page which I don't really use that much anymore (I do occasionally check in though since my long heitus).
Which don't forget, I still have things for sale!

My twitter is @LilLiliRabbit

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Stuff for Sale!

I am selling a some items from my collection in order to afford things like medicine and such.

Since paypal doesn't like me for some odd reason, I will only accept Postal Money Orders. They are relatively easy to obtain and they are backed by the federal government, so there's so need to worry about a check bouncing.

Also, I do not have cash to ship things out, so if you do not mine sending the money first or at least half so that I can ship it out, that'd be great. I can do FedEx or by Postal, depends on your choice and on which is cheaper (with shipping fees and packaging and such).

I have a rough price idea on the items, but you are more than welcome to haggle and name your price! First come, first serve!

Neopet Plushies

They are about the size of those half soda cans. I do have more but they are boxed away somewhere.


Sailor Mercury temporarily on hold.
Sakura doll comes with her staff (don't remember if it came bent or if it was from being in storage) and detacha
ble cat ears.

Yu-Gi-Oh HotWheels Car

Heart Bracelet/Anklet

Can be worn as a bracelet or anklet, doesn't matter. Can make a great cosplay piece. I do have more jewelry if interested.

NANA Charms

I might have more of these, but those are all I could find. The bracelets they came with have gone missing (but they were too small for any wrist and uncomfortable, the charms are more interesting).

Sailor Moon Cards

The Future Expansion pack contains all the cards it came with, including the damage beads (still in package). As you can see, the cards are still in new condition. I checked them out this morning, so there's nothing missing. The only thing is that the box is a little beat up.

The Tuxedo Mask pack has a deck of cards (as far as I know, it's all the cards it came with) and it has the damage beads (probably not original but I got a bag of them so I counted some out and tossed in the amount it is suppose to come with).

The cards in the plastic sheet were more than likely from one of those small expansion packs that you can get for like a couple of bucks.

All Sailor Moon Cards are still in good condition and were rarely used. Boxes are somewhat beat up, but not falling apart.

Golden Pokemon Cards

Both come with their certificates of authenticity. Jigglypuff card has been opened but the Pikachu card has never been opened.

Vileplume Pog

Remember pogs? I still have one of mine that was used for Pokemon games. Its about the size of a nickle and its beat up since it was used a lot, so I am giving this away to who ever wants it. If no one wants it, I'll probably end up tossing it out.

Pokemon Cards

I have a TON of Pokemon cards!!! They go from beat up to excellent condition! I have German, Japanese, and English cards. There are also first additions, second additions, Team Rocket additions, and even Promo cards. I have won some epic battles with these cards! I have more damage beads if you wish to have some when you order some Pokemon Cards. I believe I have up to either the Second or Third Generation. Just ask and I'll see what I have for you.

Tenchi Muyo Cards

These are just Collector Cards, so nothing too special. But they are pretty nice if you're a big fan.

Random Pokemon Collector Cards

These are a random assortment of collectable cards for Pokemon that show trainer status and I think some of them form a big picture if you gather all of them.

Yu-Gi-Oh Cards

These are in great condition! I believe I only used them once for a game. I do have some Japanese cards. As you can see, I have a tin filled with them, so ask and I'll see what I can get for you.

Other Yu-Gi-Oh stuff
These aren't really for sale, but if you want them, go ahead and have them. The top image are stickers. I only have those four. The second image, those were from a game, not sure what game it was. They were never used, so it you want them, have at it!

The other things I have (like the Mario Coin), are boxed away, so it will take awhile till I can find them. I do have a game set aside to sell if GameStop doesn't take it. So please, if you want something that I have shown, send me a note, message, or whatever so that we can work something out.

Thank you for your interest!

Monday, August 23, 2010

The "Black Out" Game and Celebrities on Drugs

Seriously, wtf? A week ago, in the news paper, there were two deaths in the Chicago area where two 14 year old girls were playing the black out game or whatever it's called. Basically, it's some bizarre game derived from the Erotic Asphyxiation fetish. This kids will hang themselves or do something stupid and dangerous to cut off oxygen to the brain and black out for a cheap high. I first heard about this back when I was in high school...maybe around 2006. Kids have been found dead from playing this game. Why the continue to do this, despite the extreme dangers? Because they are most likely stupid and their parents probably neglect to discipline their children properly. Come on, common sense people! It's like doing crack or heroin or something. It's going to get you high, but eventually, you're going to die.

This brings me to my next subject. Celebrities on drugs! The first poor soul I want to pick on is Marilyn Manson. Now, I will be honest, I am a fan of MM, but that's not the point. Remember the movie Party Monster? That movie with Seth Green, Macaulay Culkin, and yours truly...Marilyn Manson. There have been arguments that Marilyn Manson was doped up or he was just "acting." The people saying that that's just how he is are clearly ignorant. MM was flying high on something and more than likely is always high on something. And I know this is a little off topic, but did you know that MM stole his look from the lead singer of the band Deadman, Mako? Thing is, I believe it said that Mako didn't mind cause he's a fan of's been awhile since I looked on the fansite. Anywho, MM was obviously doped up for the "Dope Show" on Party Monster.

My next victim who I love to pick on is Lady GaGa. Everyone's all like "Oh, she's just unique." Unique my ass... Who dresses like a crack head 24-7? If you wanna dress weird at concerts and music videos and pictures, knock yourself out, but dressing like a hooker trying to score blow while out doing whatever?! That's not a sober person. You know those Japanese musical traps? You know what I mean, it looks like a girl but it's really a dude and your friends are saying "That's no carton a day voice, that's a guy!" Yes, those guys. At least they dress normal when they are walking around doing random shenanigans. Sure, they might be doing a little something-something, but at least they play sane from time to time. People who say Lady GaGa isn't doing drugs is like saying Lindsay Lohan is innocent and a straight edge and that Courtney Love doesn't do crack.

Oi...if I keep going like this, I'll never shut up. There's so much ranting I love to do and so many people who need a good slap in the face and there's just so much bottled up in my head. Lately, I've just been in the mood to speak my mind, but I will save all that for later.

Until then, I'll leave you with one of my songs

And yes, it's a trap! That's a dude!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Vampires Suck!

Ok, why do a lot of people hate the movie? My fiancee and I rolfed so hard when we saw the movie. Critiques are saying it's trash and a waste of time, Twilighters are offended by it, and some people said they tried too hard. Honestly, I thought it was great. Twilight was destined to be made fun of in the worst ways the second it was released, why don't they just get over it. Even Stephen King said Twilight was trash and Stephanie Meyer can't write to save her life. I'm serious about that too, google it. The 1337 God of Horror basically gave the mormon author the middle finger.

Anyways, back to Vampires sucking more than flamboyant homo. The opening scene has tween Twilighters going at it over who's better, a constipated vampire named Edward or a jealous werewolf who is possibly in the closet named Jacob. What's to love? Seeing a bunch of stupid girls, who can't understand the difference between fantasy and reality, trying to kill each other is great! I say, a few less morons in the world. Then it goes on to Becca.... *cough cough*Bella*cough cough*...going on about how emo she is while listening to music to fit how much she is an emo. Then you see vampire stuff everywhere because for some bizarre reason, lately, everyone has gotten into a fad known as the "Vampire Fetish." First of all, from what I've learned from Anne Rice, vampires are selfish and have huge egos. But at least Anne Rice's stories are classic and amazing. Plus her vampires don't sparkle and weren't intended for screaming, hormone raging, tween girls who worship hottopic. Anyway, stuff happens that basically is the equivalent of what I said and then Edward dies by the hands of Team Jacob.

I know I skipped a lot, but I liked the movie. It basically was meant for those few of us who wish that Stephanie Meyer never wrote that stupid book and went back to what she's good at doing, going door to door, trying to convert people to become mormons.

And yes, I do admit to liking the series for like a few months. And then I saw the movie and heard the fangirls from a mile away and then I lost interest. However, I never finished reading the series and I'm one of those people who prefer to finish what they started. Also, since I am a writer myself, I might as well keep the books as a reference on how not to suck.